Trick Out Your Kitchen Backsplash

Besides having aesthetic value, your kitchen backsplash can also be a useful, easy-to-access storage area. Hanging frequently used items such as knives, utensils and cookware on wall space in front of you rather than hiding them behind cabinets saves time with food prep and also frees up precious counter space. Adding hanging bars, magnetic strips, shelving and even pot-filling faucets can help make the most of your kitchen backsplash. Here’s how.

While kitchen countertop sizes vary considerably, the length in most kitchens totals about 10 feet. Meanwhile, the average backsplash height is 18 inches (many reach much higher).

That gives you a substantial 15-square-foot area to make more resourceful. If you could store frequently-used utensils and knives on your backsplash instead of inside your cabinets or on your countertop, think of the extra space you’ll gain. Plus, these culinary workhorses will be easier to find when they’re at arm’s reach in front of you.