Top 5 Kitchen and Bath Trends 2013

Innovation in interior design brings options to the consumer to blend styles and taste. With distinct trends evolving in the Kitchen and Bath industry right now, here are the top 5 growing kitchen and bath trends 2013 wills see for the home. One thing we can assume, simple is more and a certain elegance exists among the latest interior designs for the home. SOFT CONTEMPORARY:

Soft Contemporary Design

Photo Courtesy: Meredith Drake Interiors

Today’s Contemporary is not the same look we thought of in the past. This style can now often be called “Soft Contemporary”. The fundamental elements of Contemporary design still exist within it but with an added “softness”. This continues to be reflected in a more pared-down look, warmer colors are added to the palette, organic materials like wood and stone, and also by incorporating curves, instead of the predominantly angular lines that we would expect to see. Soft Contemporary really combines the most current looks of today without the hard “edge”. A look more and more people are gravitating toward.


New Traditional Kitchen Design

Photo Courtesy : Wood Works Fine Custom Cabinetry Inc

The New Traditional style can best be described as a crisp, clean, uncluttered look that is rich in classic details, but simplified in adornment. The focus is on tasteful appointments and everything has its place. The cabinet doors are often an “inset” style in which the door is flush with the frame of the cabinet. This was the standard cabinetry construction method for many of the older homes in the Asheville area. Using Wellborn’s Estate Series, this look can be recreated but with all of the amenities that new cabinetry offers.



Modern Kitchen Design

Photo Courtesy: Mal Corboy Design

The Modern design trend in kitchens and baths incorporates clean lines, sleek and artful forms, as well as a consistency in colors and materials used. This style can best be described as the “Jetson’s” look. Ornamentation is kept at a bare minimum, and everything is stream-lined. Linear and often futuristic is the feel of Modern design.



Eclectic Bathroom Design

Photo Courtesy: bstylehome

The popular style described as Eclectic, can be created through the mixing and matching of not only different style/time periods (i.e. Traditional and Contemporary) but also the combining of various elements of color, texture, shape and finish. Eclectic rooms will benefit from the same principles of design used with other styles: Balance achieved through editing and moderation, unity and a good use of scale and proportion. This is a fun style. It is where you might see an item “re-purposed”, like an old 1920’s sink that is built-in to a kitchen countertop or an old, well-used and time-worn dresser is used for a vanity.



Contrast Bathroom Design

Photo Courtesy Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers


The best way to describe the Contrast trend is to say “anything goes”. It is not very commonly seen because it requires taking a big risk. It is not a safe style choice. It combines pieces that are completely unexpected and those that don’t necessarily tie together. It can be a fun, interesting-never boring look. Elements from all of the previously mentioned trends can be included. Often recycled pieces (Eclectic) will be layered in with an Ultra Modern item. This trend compares to what we see in the fashion world where any combination of colors, styles, shapes, time periods, etc. come together. Not for the faint-hearted!