Progress Energy New Construction Rebates and Energy Star Programs

Progress Energy energy start rebatesProgress Energy New Construction:

Progress Energy is rolling out a new program for new homes.  The web site is HERE.  There are two tracks - an equipment-only track that offers smaller rebates, and a whole-house track that will be for builders who build to the NC HERO code (note that the rebate program is not specifically tied to Energy Star compliance, although we still highly recommend this for our builders).  The HERO code is an optional compliance path for the new state energy code that is designed to result in 15% or more energy savings.  However, just like the tax credit above, the same HERS rating software that we use for your Energy Star certifications also generates the compliance certificate for this program.  The key points for this program are:

  • The whole-house rebate starts at $1000 and is tiered up to $4000 based on your HERS index.
    • Builders will have the option of offering a heating/cooling bill limited guarantee to home buyers for homes that meet the HERO code requirements and have a HERS Index of 70 or less.
  • Homes that were completed after Oct. 1, 2012 are eligible.
  • Builders will need to attend a class, which has not yet been scheduled, but we'll let you know when it comes to our area.
  • For some homes that will have trouble meeting all the new checklist requirements of Energy Star, this may be an affordable above-code option.

Utility discounts for Energy Star:

Both Progress and Duke are retaining their current 5% discount rate structures for Energy Star homes.

Progress Energy Home Advantage (old program):

With the roll-out of Progress Energy's new rebate program (above), their old program for Energy Star plus 14+SEER equipment has been phased out.  Homes that received a permit before March 1, 2012 can still apply for this rebate, but they MUST apply within 6 months of their CO, and there is an absolute deadline of Feb. 28, 2013.  So, if you have a home that's been in progress for a while, please make sure you complete everything with us (including payment) before Feb. 28, 2013.  I don't expect them to be flexible at all with that deadline.

Since the old Home Advantage program is based on permit date and the new program is based on completion, there are a few homes that will be able to choose either rebate.  For homes where this applies, we've been talking to you and helping you decide which is the better deal for a particular home.  There are also a few homes that were built very quickly over the summer that will not be eligible for either rebate.  Most homes will be eligible for one but not the other.  If you have questions about a specific home's eligibility, please ask us.