Making Green Building Work

“Going Green” is more than a trend. It is a sustainable lifestyle choice for more and more homeowners each year. Sustainable green building practices are also economically viable ways to construct new homes. HomeSource Real Estate and Construction is an active member of numerous organizations that support green building practices right here in Asheville, and through the U.S.

One specific organization that HomeSource is proud to call our regional partner is the Western North Carolina Green Building Council. WNCGBC is a 501C3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote environmentally sustainable and health conscious building practices through community education.

HomeSource chooses to be a member of the WNCGBC because the organization provides us with the knowledge and insight into implementing the most efficient means of lessening the impact that home construction has on our natural environment.

Think about this – In the United States, buildings account for:

* 39% of total energy use * 68% of total electricity consumption * 30% of landfill waste * 38% of carbon dioxide emissions * 12% of total water consumption

Through ongoing educational resources, HomeSource utilizes it’s affiliation with the Green Building Council to create new opportunities for our customers.

Check out current green building incentives at the Western North Carolina Green Building Council website.