House Of The Future: How Home Automation Technology Is Transforming The Home

ipad light control asheville Imagine your controlling the lighting in your home from your ipad, or turning on the oven from your iphone when you are leaving work. 20 years ago many of us would not believe this would be mainstream by 2014. Technology like this only existed on television shows like 'The Jetsons' or 'Coneheads'.

Today, HomeSource Builders has teamed up with Controlit Inc. to offer the best of home automation technology. We even have installed a system in our showroom for you to see, touch and experience. With an ipad that sits in the wall, you can control lighting, mood, security cameras, television, music and more.

Home automation can cut energy usage by about 20%, amounting to roughly $170 in annual savings for the average U.S. homeowner. The great news about home automation? Utility companies are beginning to offer rebates as well. Technology of the future is here to stay and forever transforming the way we think about remodeling or building custom homes in Asheville.

Home automation technology has been around for several decades in luxury dwellings. But the industry as a whole has been slow to take off. Blame it on clunky, hard-to-use systems with sky-high prices that required professional installation and a lot of upkeep. But as smartphones and tablets become increasingly prevalent, smart home tech is becoming easier to use and dramatically more affordable. The home automation industry is projected to grow to $14.1 billion in worldwide revenues by 2018, according toABI Research, predominantly in the United States. That would be an 11.5% increase over 2012.

To experience home automation and see how it can benefit your home, visit HomeSource Builders at 172 Charlotte Street, Asheville, NC 28801.

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