Get Your Landscape Contractor Into the Mix Before Starting Construction


Are you getting ready to build a custom home? While you going over your blueprints you should also connect with a landscape contractor before breaking ground. Sound crazy? Read this guest post from our recent client, Perry, on why it is important to select a contractor in the earliest stages of your new home project.

Why should you get your landscape contractor into the mix before starting construction?

We felt it wise to bring a landscaper in at the earliest stages of our project. A good one will have ideas about how to integrate the building structure with the terrain and existing plants. The area to be cleared for our house included some huge mountain laurels (some 20-feet tall with 12-inch diameter trunks, robust rhododendrons, a few, lovely, transplantable hardwoods, and healthy hemlock saplings. A good landscape designer will stage the removal and transplanting of these larger specimens temporarily to other areas of the lot, before the first dozer comes in to clear for the building.

April is unique: she's a skilled designer of both landscaping and kitchens. She knows which plants bloom when and in what colors, and which are hardy for our climate. Not only that, but she gets her hands dirty on her jobs, supervising her crews, digging holes, moving topsoil—you name it.

April has a great sense of the balance be

April of In-Site Out Design

tween beauty and practicality. She can get the most out of her resources (and your budget). She designs and installs for the long haul—such as spacing plants and saplings far enough apart that they expand into a wild thicket as they mature—rather than just look nicely spaced for the first year or so.

Her company is In-Site Out Design. Contact her by email or phone: 828-777-1627.

Guest post by: Perry A.

Website: New Home Journal