Couples Survival Guide To Building A House Together

building a asheville house together : homesource builders
building a asheville house together : homesource builders

The 5 Steps You Need to Know to Effectively Build or Remodel a Home Together.

For any couple building a house together, some challenges may be more frustrating than rewarding. There will be a number of situations you’ll encounter that will be stressful, including:


Surviving the process requires healthy communication between both the two of you and your builder. The following 5 steps will guide you through your new home construction or home remodel project.

1.Identifyyour individual decision-making styles before trying to work together.

2.Recognize & Respectyour differences.

3.Negotiatea decision-making strategy that respects your differences.

4.Applyyour negotiating style “on the job.”

5. Communicateyour united decision to your builder.

The results of your interactions directly impact the final product... your dream home. Communication and boundaries will help keep frustrations to a minimum and allow you to enjoy the experience, as well as keep construction on schedule.

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Be proactive! After all, this is not just your dream home, it is your relationship!

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